Capim Branco São Silvestre brazilian specialty coffee farm

São Silvestre – The Brazilian specialty coffee that Perth coffee lovers go nuts for

April 7, 2017

At Black Matter Coffee Roasters, we pride ourselves on the close relationship we have with our suppliers and through them, coffee farmers all over the world. São Silvestre is one of our favourites because like us, they work tirelessly to bring you some of the very best coffee on the market. And through ethical partnerships we are able to make sure the community, the environment and the industry are rewarded, not exploited.

Located in Serra do Salitre (Minas Gerais), Fazenda São Silvestre is owned by the Andrade brothers, whose family has been producing coffee since 1901. Their first farm Capim Branco produced one of the original estate coffees in Brazil, and they have been farming Sao Silvestre for nearly 30 years.

The Andrade family is known for their attentive farming practices, scrupulous crop management, progressive crop planning and meticulous post-harvest selection. The mild climate, volcanic soils and 1250m altitude of Sao Silvestre are the perfect conditions for their main coffee varieties – Yellow Icatú, Yellow Bourbon and Típica. This combination produces a quality of coffee that must be tasted to be believed.

Harvested when ripe, the coffee beans are usually processed using the natural or pulped natural method. Depending on humidity, the coffee is either completely sun-dried or finished in two stages – dried in the sun to a moisture content of around 20%, then brought down to a maximum of 2% in mechanical dryers. It’s then rested, stored in silos with the protection of the parchment or husk, then milled and sorted prior to export.Capim Branco São Silvestre brazilian specialty coffee farm

São Silvestre also have their own Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) standard cupping lab, where fully trained cuppers conduct physical and sensorial analysis.

The coffees are known for their balanced body, excellent sweetness, chocolate base and a fruit-top finish. We are currently stocking a stunning Fazenda Sao Silvestre single origin that beautifully showcases the region – it won the Best Coffee of Cerrado in 2016! Reminiscent of Jaffa lollies, there are notes of orange and chocolate, delicate floral aromas, and subtle but amazing hints of berry.

The Andrade Brothers were one of 12 coffee producers that founded the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) in 1991. The BSCA supports all small coffee producers in the region, helping to improve quality and sustainability.

Minas Hill Coffee, the Australian representative for São Silvestre and Capim Branco coffee farms, are also members of the BSCA. Passionate and dedicated to advancing specialty coffee in Brazil, they create lasting relationships with farmers in the Minas Gerais. We are proud to say that we source all of our Brazilian coffee through Minas Hill.Capim Branco São Silvestre brazilian specialty coffee farm

Director Marcelo Brussi has cultivated a personal relationship with Ismael Andrade, ensuring processes are transparent and consistent. We were lucky enough to meet Ismael last year when he visited the Black Matter roastery, sharing stories of his farm and coffee production methods. He is a tireless m
an, travelling worldwide to showcase his award-winning coffee.

From Brazil to Perth, the passion and hard work that goes into a small batch of São Silvestre coffee is phenomenal. When that brew hits your lips you can be sure it’s the best one this team has ever brought to you – so far.

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