Fresh Roasts, Deep Roots: “The Factory” Brings Warehouse History To Life

July 5, 2016

Black Matter Coffee Roasters Perth Schweppes BuildingWhen you visit the Black Matter Coffee Roastery in Osborne Park – also the home of AudioVault Industries – you can’t help but feel the history. It starts as you make your way through the abandoned security checkpoint into the old Schweppes factory building, and inside it all comes to life.

On the wall opposite the coffee roaster in black and white acrylics and spray paint is a giant factory worker, processing bottles in mask and protective clothing. Painted by Phil McArtney with assistance from George Howlett, “The Factory” lends an otherworldly, distinctly steampunk vibe to the space.

Inspired by factory principles and the industrial revolution, street art and steampunk ideology, Phil says he thoroughly enjoyed bringing the piece to life. All we know is that it beautifully ties together the history of the building with the Black Matter brand, and makes the inside of the roastery look damn cool.

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