Coffee Matters VI: Brewing for the flavour you want

October 29, 2016


If you have been following the Coffee Matters Series so far, you should now have a really good understanding of the flavours and elements that you look for in your coffee. Now it’s time for some fun and experimentation with brew methods. But a word of warning before we start – #thesearch for the perfect cup is an adventure with no end!

Here’s how you can use your brew method to achieve the coffee flavour you really want.


French press

If you love full-bodied coffee with a bold flavour and great aroma, the French Press or plunger is for you. It has a mesh filter that holds back the grounds, while allowing a small quantity of powder-like “fines” through to be suspended in your cup. The fines plus the retention of more of the essential oils gives the coffee more viscosity and richness, deeper sweetness, and a heavy, syrupy mouth-feel.

A French Press provides a more uniform extraction comparing to percolated coffee, allowing for a consistent flavor with a good balance between sweetness, acidity, and aroma. You can make it as strong as you like by adjusting the dose and the steeping time.

Here is our guide to making killer brew with a French press.



The thing with the Aeropress is that you can use it so many ways to produce the style of coffee you enjoy. However because it uses a paper filter, it will generally produce a cup with more clarity than French Press, and a consistently delicious, clean flavor.

Check out the Black Matter Aeropress Brew Guide. 

Black Matter Coffee Roasters PerthPour over

The pour over method also uses a paper filter, producing a bright, clean and delicate flavour, with increased clarity. Filter methods really show off the complexity of a coffee, and hand-pouring the water offers you an easy, controlled method for ensuring even extraction. It brings out the sweeter characters of the coffee and better aromatics than other methods – with a great roast, you will taste the flowers and the fruit. The v60 pourover method is a favourite of Black Matter.

Our brew guide talks you through how we do it.



There are so many variables that impact on the flavor of espresso coffee, more so than any other method. In general however, espresso brewing exaggerates the acidity of a bean and the subtleties of the body, sweetness and finish are brought out.

The coffee is very concentrated, making it intense and rich in flavour. It is not as clear as a drip coffee, and it extracts less caffeine per amount of grinds used.

Our barista courses teach you everything you need to know about espresso brewing (email for more info) or start here at the brew guide.


Cold brew

If you’d like to try making cold brew coffee at home, check out this post from earlier in the year:

What’s cooler than being cool?… Ice-Cold! (Cold Brew Coffee, that is!)


And that brings us to the end of our Coffee Matters series, where we talked all things flavour. So tell us! What does your perfect brew look like? Where’s it from? How is it processed, and roasted? How do you brew it? And most importantly, what does it taste like?

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