Cupping Brazilian Specialty Coffee with Minas Hill and Black Matter Coffee Roasters

From Melbourne to Perth, Brazilian Specialty Coffee is on the rise!

December 21, 2016

If you’ve been part of the Black Matter community for a while, you’ll know how much we love specialty coffee from Brazil!

Old school coffee connoisseurs may not be used to hearing “Brazil” and “specialty coffee” in the same sentence. Brazil is often associated with blended, commercial grade beans, but as we’ve talked about before Minas Hill Coffee is changing all that.

Marcelo Brussi is the founder of Minas Hill and a passionate advocate for Brazilian coffee. While in Melbourne recently, our head roaster Tristan caught up with him and they spent the day cupping some new arrivals and talking coffee – including the points system Marcelo uses for grading, selecting and purchasing amazing coffee.

When he first started talking about the idea of bringing specialty coffee from Brazil to Australia, people told him he was mad. But he persisted to start Minas Hill. Fast forward to now, and roasters all over Australia can’t get enough! Many roasters around Australia are working with Minas Hill, and it’s starting to take off in Perth as well.

At Black Matter we are such big fans that we not only roast it, we are the local distribution contact for anyone else who’d like to get their hands on some green beans! To find out more, email us at, or drop into the roastery one Saturday morning for a chat, and try some for yourself!

We are currently roasting:

Cupping Brazilian Specialty Coffee with Minas Hill and Black Matter Coffee Roasters

Marcelo Brussi from Minas Hill Coffee, cupping some new additions to the Brazilian specialty coffee range

Brazil Sao Silvestre Peaberry Microlot – (floral notes, intense chocolate and vanilla flavour, delicate notes of berry, strong and balanced sweetness)


Brazil Sitio Limoeiro – (organic, very clean, layered, cocoa, tangerine, full bodied and creamy)  

but we have some exciting new additions coming up so stay tuned!

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